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Snowflake makes modern data warehousing effective, affordable, and accessible to all data users. It enables cloud elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second on demand scalable pricing for computing with optimum security and compliance. You need a team of experts to ensure that your investments in Snowflake are optimized and efficient. Migration to snowflake requires a complete understanding of you current infrastructure landscape and applications in order to architect the right use of all the components of Snowflake. Its agnostic to cloud, data migration, connectivity or any data visualization tools, which means that all aspects of the clients infrastructure has to be clearly assessed before any implementation is started.At ChaTeck, our team utilizes a proven approach and methodology to tackle the challenges in migrating to snowflake and achieve a more proficient and robust IT data infrastructure.

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Our team is a rich mix of senior solution and data architects, data scientist and business intelligence experts. ChaTeck is a US-based IT management firm with MIT and Ph.D. holders and senior expert developers, IT project specialists, architects, and DevOps engineers. We at ChaTeck offer innovative solutions in business intelligence, data science, machine learning, data warehousing, application development, mobile computing, integration, and much more. Till now we have been working with Fortune 500 companies across the USA by implementing 10k + enterprise projects.

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