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A Rapidly Changing Field

Many agencies in the healthcare community still use medical records on paper or have technology solutions that are entirely disconnected. Though healthcare providers are becoming more and more regulated and adoptive of technology, many don’t truly understand the universe of benefits available to them through advanced technology. At ChaTeck, we’re here to help clients in the healthcare field take full advantage of technological innovation to help them increase their everyday productivity and deliver even better patient care. From traditional advisory consulting to agile engineering and analytics, ChaTeck is committed to our healthcare customers and their patients.

A More Effective & Efficient Healthcare Experience

First and foremost, ChaTeck provides technical expertise and leadership services for IT implementation projects. We can ensure your IT solution fully aligns with your operation goals and financial expectations. We can also offer strategic guidance in healthcare IT vendor and solution selection, and Cloud-based operations designed to help clients monitor patients both within the hospital and at home. Population health management has never been easier with IT support and leadership from ChaTeck. Our professional team can also make the payment process easier with enrollment, fulfillment, and claims troubleshooting for existing or new systems.

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