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With the growth of Internet applications and the increased demand for web-based services, many modern companies are searching for a knowledgeable expert in enterprise application integration. At ChaTeck, our team utilizes a proven approach and methodology to tackle these problems and achieve a more proficient and robust IT environment. Our team works closely with clients to create and implement the right strategy for their everyday technology needs. As experts at all levels of integration (including data level, user-interface level, application level, and method level) our team can design, develop, and implement the right structure to support your organization’s objectives.

How Our Process Works

When you partner with ChaTeck for strategic enterprise solutions, we begin with a valuable integration assessment. Taking into account your organization’s architecture, everyday operations and working methods, reporting, and testing, we’ll provide a carefully constructed business needs assessment, process assessment, and applications study. Architectures are then built at the Enterprise level and mapped to existing applications based on standard integration. Next, we’ll identify the right tools for your needs, and negotiate on your behalf with enterprise integration vendors. The resulting solution will provide reduced development time and high levels of reusability. Additionally, we’re well versed with performance monitoring tools and help our clients identify bottlenecks and provide actionable steps for process improvement.

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