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Modern organizations that utilize cloud computing technology enjoy greater data speed, scalability, and customization to manage complex workflows, applications, and other emerging technologies that offer a competitive edge. With cloud computing solutions from ChaTeck, your enterprise can completely transform your IT infrastructure from an outdated and at-risk environment to a higher performing everyday standard that eliminates the unnecessary business IT expenses of yesterday. At ChaTeck, we’ve got years of experience serving nationwide industries as a cloud solutions provider, and we can help clients discover and build the perfect cloud solutions through custom architecture, migration, and managed services.

How Our Process Works

When your organization partners with ChaTeck for cloud computing solutions, we begin with a strategic consultation to help you understand all of the cloud features and options available to you, including sourcing and app evaluation, proof concepts, integration costs, and more. Our architects will then perform an in-depth technical analysis of your current infrastructure, and deliver custom plans for migrating various applications to the cloud such as SharePoint, Enterprise IT, websites, and more. ChaTeck experts are also available to provide ongoing support, IT monitoring, automation engineering, and more.

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