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Looking for short or long term technology solutions that are aligned to your business? ChaTeck is an experienced IT management firm located in Santa Clara, CA comprised of IT project specialists, architects, developers, DevOps engineers, and more with the innovative solutions and practical problem solving skills needed to cover the demands of your entire project lifecycle. At ChaTeck, we deliver industry-leading solutions in business intelligence, data warehousing, machine learning, application development and integration, mobile computing, and much more.

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With extensive IT project management expertise in both SQL and NoSQL operating environments, ChaTeck specializes in developing personalized engineering and IT solutions that cover the entire IT project lifecycle. Over the years, our team has worked intimately with Fortune 500 companies across Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and beyond to successfully implement new IT projects We’re highly proficient in professional IT consulting, delivering both onsite and remote support, and overcoming both conventional and nontraditional roadblocks to e-commerce and Big data engineering.

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