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Our Deep Learning Expertise

Over the years, ChaTeck has served a wide range of industries with advanced deep learning solutions to improve specific products and services, including retail businesses, banking and finance agencies, healthcare enterprises, telecommunication companies, e-commerce sources, and more. The deep learning experts at ChaTeck have experience working with a wide variety of advanced tools, including Apache SINGA, Deeplearning4j, Caffe, Cuda-Convnet, Blocks, and more. We’ve developed and perfected natural language processing software, image recognition software, speech recognition software, and much more.

Advanced Applications

Today, thousands of companies of every size across a variety of industries are harnessing deep learning to improve complex, everyday issues including demand prediction, fraud detection, generative modeling, anomaly detection, and even medical diagnosis. Most importantly, ChaTeck develops deep learning solutions that are customized to your specific needs. These carefully-engineered solutions will help your organization benefit from powerful artificial neural network models that are efficient and advanced enough to process and predict complex representations of data.

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