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Raising the Bar in Cloud Migration

ChaTeck provides a full range of cloud migration services designed to meet today’s most demanding business requirements. Our team of data architecture and engineering specialists can handle everything from guiding software vendors through existing application solutions to advising companies on the architecture requirements for high performance, mission-critical applications. Achieving maximum availability for your applications can be easier said than done, but with hosting solutions that individually address the needs of your business, ChaTeck can help your business utilize a more effective and dependable standard.

Leading Performance & Availability

ChaTeck offers internet applications deployment and reliable architecture consulting services for companies looking to define a scalable and robust architecture for web-based applications. Capacity testing and monitoring services arm ChaTeck customers with advance knowledge of how their site will perform under stressful conditions. This allows us to anticipate availability and response times under future operational scenarios. Clients can stay one step ahead of performance-related troubles that may affect mission-critical sites with help from ChaTeck.

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