Empower your organization with data insights – a guide to Snowflake Migration

Snowflake is a modern data cloud platform that empowers modern data-driven organizations. This platform caters to all your needs for enterprise data warehouse with astounding new features with significant cost savings. It is a data cloud platform that offers you all data-related solutions with optimum security and compliance. The cloud data platform of Snowflake offers high performance, scalability, flexibility, and easy loading . It offers fully managed services to migrate and maintain your workload. For secure data collaboration, easy integration, and unique data architecture, migrating to the Snowflake cloud data platform is a top choice for businesses.

Chances are you’ve been here before – a groundbreaking new data and analytics technology has started making waves in the market, and you’re trying to gauge the right balance between marketing hype and reality. Snowflake promises to be a self-managing data warehouse that can get you speed-to-insight in weeks, as opposed to years. Does Snowflake live up to the hype? Do you still need to approach implementation with a well-defined strategy? The answer to both of these questions is ‘Yes’.

Snowflake makes modern data warehousing effective, affordable, and accessible to all data users. It enables cloud elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second on demand scalable pricing for computing with optimum security and compliance. Its agnostic to cloud, data migration, connectivity or any data visualization tools.

What is Snowflake Migration?

Especially, the Oracle license costs a lot. Although Oracle is dominating the database landscape for a long period, there are other issues with the database for which businesses want to migrate to the Snowflake Cloud Data platform. The snowflake migration strategy varies from business to business. There are a lot of factors that influence migration. Data size and uptime are the most important key points in a Snowflake migration strategy.

  • • Snowflake cloud data platform offers high computational power.

  • • The cloud data warehouse is known for agility and elasticity.

  • • Snowflake offers completely managed services.

  • • Working seamlessly with semi-structured data is difficult in Oracle, but Snowflake simplifies this.

How does Snowflake Cloud Data Platform work?

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform offers solutions for managing critical data workloads from a single platform:

Healthcare Sector

Snowflake enables the healthcare sector to focus on delivering high-quality care by developing therapeutic next level. This data platform helps healthcare organizations to build advanced analytics for leveraging result-driven insights. You can store sensitive data in a secure and single location. It helps to analyze the data faster to get data-driven insights, enhance patient care, and integrate operational inefficiencies.

The Snowflake data platform complies with HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1 and 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP (medium) requirements.

The healthcare sector can be benefited from:

  • • Better patient care: You can engage your patients better with personalization and proactive treatment plans. Embed analytics at every point of patient care.

  • • Informed decision-making: Make informed clinical and operational decisions with Snowflake. You can build a solid foundation to make your organization data-driven with this data platform.

  • • Data interoperability: Snowflake offers seamless and secure data exchange capabilities by uniting all your data in a single place.

Marketing Analysis

The data cloud of Snowflake eliminates the chaos of diverse data silos to build a single data repository. It gives the marketing team a single point of access to data and insights. With Snowflake, you can:

  • • Deliver faster marketing insights: Empower your marketing analytics with customer data.

  • • Enhance the relevance of your marketing engine: Add the power of data to your recommendation engines, customer engagements, and segmentation model.

  • • Boost marketing ROI: Constant marketing analytics reflect the engagement across multiple channels. You can decide action points based on analytics.

Retail & CPG

The Snowflake platform gives 360-degree visibility in a retail organization by streamlining every department on a single platform. The benefits of migrating to Snowflake for the retail industry are:

  • • Optimize your supply chain and enhance every task in inventory management with the power of data.

  • • Collect your omnichannel data to get an integrated view of your customer behavior, journeys, and preferences.

  • • Enhance organizational efficiency with flawless supply chain planning, inventory management, and demand forecasting.

  • • Unleash new data monetization techniques by analyzing old data with Snowflake’s data sharing capabilities.


With the Snowflake data platform, you can create a data-driven educational experience and outcomes. The benefits you get with Snowflake for the education industry are:

  • • Innovating learning and teaching: By taking benefits of data analytics, you can attract, build, and keep motivated teachers.

  • • Boost the success of research and advancement programs: The snowflake data platform boosts the success rate of research and advancement programs with data intelligence and critical insights.

  • • Increase alumni impact and donor outreach: Plan efficient outreach campaigns with personalized messages to build lifelong engagement with alumni and enhance fundraising.

  • • Drive collaboration and modernize operation: Snowflake’s data warehouse enables you to collect real-time data on students, government, networks, and partners for driving collaboration and modernizing operational technologies.


The financial sector faces a lot of challenges to leverage data for the on-premise legacy system. It creates difficulty to access third-party data, regulatory compliance, and security concerns. But Snowflake’s data cloud resolves all these challenges on a cloud platform by sharing data in multiple systems with optimum security via regulatory and compliance. Let’s discuss how Snowflake can transform the financial sector:

  • • Deliver personalized omnichannel experience: Snowflake’s cloud data platform enables you to create 360-degree views by gathering real-time insights from your data. It helps to personalize product experience for customers, partners, and investors at the same time with data security.

  • • Empower risk management and compliance: You can use real-time data insights to combat fraud and enhance security. You can also mitigate the operational risks in real-time. Snowflakes enable end-to-end encryption in data at rest & transit.

Why Snowflake Migration with ChaTeck?

ChaTeck is a US-based IT management firm with MIT and Ph.D. holders and senior expert developers, IT project specialists, architects, and DevOps engineers. We at ChaTeck offer innovative solutions in business intelligence, data science, machine learning, data warehousing, application development, mobile computing, integration, and much more. Till now we have been working with Fortune 500 companies across the USA by implementing 10k + enterprise projects.

We have Snowflake Data Cloud experts to take care of your migration with no hassle. Our team provides constant support for making the migration process smooth.

Talk to our experts now.

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