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Application Hosting

ChaTeck provide the expertise required to envision, implement, and measure the performance of advanced hosted applications for today's most demanding business requirements. Our team of specialists will guide software vendors through analyzing existing applications for hosting suitability, advice companies on the architecture requirements for maintaining high performance of mission-critical applications, and stress-test applications to ensure maximum availability.

Application Hosting Enablement Services

These services are targeted at software vendors that need to understand key technologies and processes deployed by leading-edge application hosting providers, including an assessment of the requirements for their application to function in these environments. Deliverables include a technical roadmap which will guide the client in re-architecting its application to take maximum advantage of the application hosting environment. These services also include business recommendations, such as pricing models and support procedures, designed to assist the client in migrating from a traditional client-site installation.

Internet Applications Deployment and Architecture Consulting Services

These services are for any company that needs to define a scalable and robust architecture for its acquired Web-based applications. These services include two key areas:

Application Architecture and Systems Infrastructure Design services assist in the design of both new applications and new releases of deployed applications. Architecture recommendations incorporate systems infrastructure implications that may impact application performance and availability.

Complex Application (Re)-Deployment services assist clients with deploying advanced applications architectures that are not covered by ChaTeck's' standard services offerings.

Load Testing and Monitoring Services Load Testing services permit customers advanced knowledge of how their site will perform under stressful conditions. Operational thresholds are established for the defined application architecture to determine the maximum supportable load. This knowledge permits clients to know in advance what the anticipated availability and response times are under various usage scenarios. Armed with this knowledge, the client can stay one step ahead of performance-related troubles that may affect mission-critical sites.



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